More Than A Million Potholes Reported in UK Last Year

If you're a lover of new UK alloy wheels, you'll undoubtedly have a nemesis on the roads when it comes to driving your car – potholes. A study commissioned by car insurer has revealed that more than a million potholes were reported to the council in 2016, thanks to a Freedom of Information request sent to 412 local councils, according to AOL.

The research also found that 33 per cent of drivers have suffered damage to their vehicles in the past year thanks to poor road surfaces, affecting tyres, suspension and alloys.

Local councils blame central government for not giving enough funding to repair road damage, however, a government spokesperson replied to say they were being adequately funded:: "Year on year, the Department for Transport is providing councils with record levels of capital funding - more than £7.1 billion up to 2021 - for them to improve local roads and repair potholes.”

If your vehicle is damaged in any way by a pothole or road surface in a state of disrepair, did you know you may be entitled to compensation? As well as the £104 million spent repairing potholes each year, £3.1 million is spent in compensation to motorists.

However, a report by the Asphalt Industry Alliance suggests that the uK needs a budget of £12 billion to bring the network of roads in the UK up to an acceptable level, despite the fact this dwarfs the entire budget for highways and transport, sitting at £4.4 billion for 2016.