Time To Get Your Tyres Ready For Winter

There’s no escaping the fact that the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are falling here in the UK. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to give your car or van the once-over to make sure it’s ready for winter.

One of the best places to start is with the wheels, and more specifically your tyres. Etyres recently suggested that now is the ideal time to think about fitting all-season or winter tyres to your vehicle to improve your safety on the road.

Winter tyres are designed to perform at their best in cold conditions, so if you live in the north of the UK they are likely to be very useful.

Even if you’re not planning to swap your tyres, you should at the very least check their condition before the cold weather starts in earnest. According to Mix96, you should start by doing a visual inspection to make sure the tread depth is adequate. If there isn’t enough tread on your tyres, it will increase your stopping distance.

You should also check your tyre pressures to ensure they are within the manufacturer’s recommended limits. Again, under or over-inflated tyres can worsen their grip on the road.

If you have genuine alloy wheels on your car now is also a good time to think about how you’re going to care for them during the winter.

With colder weather, roads are gritted and the presence of salt, as well as other dirt that your wheels pick up as you drive around, can damage the alloys if they’re not regularly cleaned. Make sure you plan some time to rinse them down after long journeys and use a wheel cleaner to bring them back to their best.