How To Protect Alloy Wheels From Theft

If you’ve just bought alloy wheels online, you’re sure to know just how expensive they can be – which is why they’re often such attractive prospects to thieves. This is why you need to do all you can to ensure your alloys are properly protected or you could find you have to make a hefty insurance claim, losing your no-claims bonus into the bargain.

Unfortunately, alloys are relatively easy to pinch and almost impossible for the police to trace once they’re gone. It’s easier nowadays for thieves to make off with your alloys and not the actual car, thanks to all the high tech drivers now have at their disposal.

But you can invest in the likes of locking wheel nuts, which can make it a bit harder for people to make off with your precious new alloys. That said, tools are now available that can be used to remove these wheel nuts so even this won’t make your car completely safe. It will slow them down, however, so it’s still worth making the investment.

Insuring your wheels and tyres as part of your car insurance policy is certainly wise if you do shell out for a set of high quality alloys. And you should also be more cautious about where you park – choose somewhere with a lot of light, footfall and traffic so thieves are more likely to be spotted.

You can also buy a car alarm that has sensors which attach to the wheels, which goes off if the car is tilted or if the wheels are tampered with.