Top Locations For Modified Vehicles Revealed

It’s definitely true that you get more modified cars in some areas than others - and now if you’re into that kind of motor, with its genuine alloy wheels, big spoilers and tinted windows, you may want to visit certain parts of the UK to see how others have pimped their rides.

The Sun recently highlighted the top ten towns in the UK for boy racer-style modified cars, with the small town of Lighthorne in Warwickshire taking the number one spot in the list of places to see modified motors.

Using data from Euro Car Parts, the newspaper came up with the list based on the number of modifying parts purchased compared to the local population.

In at number two was Bangor in North Wales, while Truro, Bridgewater and Greater Manchester’s Sale made up the rest of the top five. Also in the top ten list were Cannock, King’s Lynn, Birstall, Tamworth and Grimsby.

There are a number of rural locations included in the list, which could mean you spot some rather shiny and austentatious rides while you’re enjoying a drive along some of the UK’s winding country roads.

The survey also found that while the drivers of modified cars are often dubbed boy racers, they’re typically aged 25 to 34, although 91 per cent of those buying these kinds of parts were men.

One person who certainly hasn’t skimped on his ride is Sir Bradley Wiggins, with the Sun recently revealing that the gold-medal winning cyclist was selling his motorhome at auction this month.

The modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van features alloy wheels, as well as five TVs, Union Jack decals and red, white and blue leather seats.